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S/R Motorsports Marketing is now TNT Motorsports Marketing


S/R Motorsports Marketing is now TNT Motorsports Marketing LLC. President & CEO T.J. Smith made the decision to change the name because he felt that S/R Motorsports Marketing or (Southern Racing ) was giving the impression the they were limiting their business to only Southern Regional areas of the U.S. The company works on projects throughout the United States and Internationally, and made the decision to rebrand based on months of study, gathering of feedback and montoring visitor traffic to the website. 


This Months Featured Driver


Jay Carter Heading Steady Towards NHRA 


JKZ Racing Owner and Driver Jay Carter has been racing his way towards competing in the NHRA since 1988. Born in Kentucky, Jay is now residing in Phoenix AZ and has been continuously growing and improving his racing program. Over the past year he began building a Top Dragster/Super Pro Dragster due to be completed for testing and licensing in October of this year.


The Arizona Drag Race Acc. will host 12 races in 2014, and there are plans to compete in the Summit ET  Series, NHRA Division 7 Top Dragster Series and the Division 7 National Open Series in addition to State Championships. This is an awesome ground floor opportunity to get onboard with a a team that has a plan and a mission to be the best at every level of competition. 


Companies wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should direct inquiries to

T.J. Smith by calling 843 455-7140 or: 

Jay Carter

Dynamic Ideas...Explosive Results

TNT Motorsports Marketing is a full-service Motorsports Marketing and Public Relations company based in South Carolina. Our innovative branding strategies create relevance by delivering a powerful message. We will place your ID on one of the main attractions, the racecar, in front of thousands of the most brand loyal fans in sports. Our industry experience provides you with the expertise that will take your marketing efforts to the next level at the track, special appearances & events, television, radio, print media, online and social media.

TNT Motorsports Marketing was founded in 1998 by President & CEO T.J. Smith to create, manage and optimize strong sponsor partnerships between Professional Motorsports and  the Corporate World. 

The company specializes in creating sponsor partner opportunities for businesses and motorsports teams. We develop and implement unique marketing and activation strategies that allow your business to take full advantage of the overwhelming consumer brand recognition and loyalty of the enormous motorsports fan base. 

TNT Motorsports Marketings LLC provides business to business opportunities that will enhance your sponsorship program. Professional Motorsports offers a venue to place your product or service directly in front of consumers while they are engaged in doing something they enjoy. Your message is strong and non-intrusive. 

Our team is dedicated to managing the partnership from its inception and we will work diligently to foster long term, successful relationships.  In addition we provide motorsports event planning, Driver & Show Car appearances, on-site displays and corporate hospitality.

Vinnie Paul & HELLYEAH Sponsored Cope at the July Daytona Race For their New Album Drop, "Stampede". Creation Cope has worked with record labels, energy drink, lube, communication, extended warranty, internet companies and more over the span of his career

TNT Motorsports Marketing LLC has the creative solutions to meet your marketing challenges head on, through a well organized motorsports marketing program. We start by increasing your company's visibility and wok to make sure that your ROI meets or exceeds your expectations. Full-service marketing talent is at your fingertips: Find out what TNT Motorsports Marketing can do for you.

Derrike Cope

We are currently seeking sponsor partners for The Creation-Cope Racing program. The objective of the team is to quantify, to the fullest extent possible, the direct benefits of motor racing as a marketing platform that creates the link between the consumer, the brand, the trade and the race car drivers, as well as producing a return on investment. 

We know that sponsorship is not a stand-alone media purchase. We know that to guarantee a return we need to help you leverage your investment by maximizing the exposure and take advantage of all the ancillary opportunities that encompass the sport. We are committed to partnerships that offer all-inclusive programs and an experienced brand marketing group to support program management, with proper and efficient execution both on and off track. Our activation strategies are some of the most inovative in the business, designed with one thing in mind, to create a memorable experiential atmosphere that will blow our fans away! 

On the track we are on a constant quest for the combination that yields winning results. Off the track we are experienced business professionals, dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients….the sponsors of Creation-Cope Racing and Derrike Cope. 


 For additional information on Creation-Cope Racing please contact T.J. Smith at    or call  (843) 455-7140